Execution is our North Star.

We invest in entrepreneurs using breakthrough technologies to innovate industries dominated by inefficient processes.

These startups can be anywhere in the world. The next generation is growing now in places like the Twin Cities, Chicago, Madison, Fargo, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Toronto.

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Early-stage venture from investors with proven results operating and allocating.

Great North Labs adds value, uniquely sources, and invests intelligently to maximize investment results.

By drawing on decades of operating experience, navigating networks, and implementing investment intelligence, our team guides startups to scale and exits.

Great North Labs follows a scalable, data-driven process for identifying opportunities and managing its investment portfolio.

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Startup capital, connections, and guidance from successful former founders.

We can help you improve your strategy & operations by leveraging the experience of successful founders & operators.

We know the struggles of building, scaling, and exiting tech startups, because we’ve been there.

Great North Labs offers the experienced guidance and capital support you need to grow your startup to global scale.

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