An early stage venture fund built for the north country.

A venture fund providing capital and startup intelligence to cultivate the next generation of leading tech companies and leaders across “the frozen tundra”.

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Built for founders, makers, and visionaries by people who have walked the walk.

We know the struggles of being a tech startup in the Midwest. Why? Because we’ve been there. Great North Labs Venture Fund was built to solve the needs of being an investor and a startup in the midwest. We bring the expertise you need to grow your startup and the capital support needed to attract investors and acquirers from outside the region.

How we help startups

Early-Stage Investors

Our fund invests from pre-seed to seed & growth stage in startups from MN, ND, SD, IA, IL, and WI. We connect you to co-investors from other venture capital firms and local angels, as well as later stage investors.

Insider Access

Gain insider access from navigating your startup journey to finding key contact and partners along your growth path.

Business Guidance

From training and development to product bootcamps, Great North provides business guidance to venture fund startups. Learn from top experts how to overcome your most challenging obstacles and maximize the effectiveness of your startup organization.


As growth comes, the Great North network is available to source and place key hires so venture fund startups can keep moving forward without sacrificing quality as they scale.


A regional fund managed by successful early stage tech investors and entrepreneurs.

Our high-performing team maximizes investor results through our strategic relationships to access investment opportunities. But, that’s just the start. We directly help startups grow and find exits. We’ve developed a scalable data-driven process for identifying and managing our investment portfolio.

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Successful Investments

We have a track record of success building, advising, and exiting companies serving a diverse set of industries. Here’s a few of our recent wins.