A venture studio for founders, by founders.

We design and build companies with world-class founders in focused market segments with substantial opportunities.

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The Venture Studio Model

Great teams are built around vetted ideas, then launched with capital and guidance

The venture studio model combines company building with venture capital. By creating researched opportunities from great ideas, and pairing them with talent that can execute, Great North Venture Labs creates early-stage startups built to succeed.


Great companies need founders and operators who can execute

Interested in working with a venture studio startup? Positions will be posted as they occur. Subscribe to our newsletter or check up on our careers page for opportunities in the Great North Ventures portfolio and with Great North Venture Labs startups.

Have your own idea?

Check out our Lean Startup School page for more information about developing your own idea! While Great North Venture Labs does not solicit ideas for studio startups, there are still opportunities for you to grow your own idea.

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