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Misty is a fully programmable personal robot full of sensors and the promise of complete customization. From the creators of Sphero, Misty is professional grade, hardware-extensible, and purpose built as a development platform. For everyone from web and app developers to students, programming is simplified with freely available tools and resources on Slack, Github and with the Misty Robotics Community .



Tim Enwall

Head of Misty Robotics

Tim is formerly Head of Strategy at Nest Labs, and Principal and Idea Dater at Comstock Ventures where he was an advisor, mentor and investor. He is currently on the board of IOTAS (IoT as a service) which is a developer of a smart home platform for the rental market.

Ian Bernstein

Founder and Head of Product

Ian has lengthy experience as both an engineer and a CEO, including at RoadNarrows Robotics and GearBox Inc. His most recent experience before founding Misty Robotics is as founder and CTO of Sphero, the spherical, app-controlled, robot toy popularized by Star Wars as BB8.

Morgan Bell

Head of Engineering

Morgan has been a software engineer and developer since 2001. His experience includes Data Connect Corporation, Convercent, and Sphero.

Adam Reynolds

Head of Human Performance

Adam’s experience includes working as a consultant and executive coach at McGhee Productivity Solutions, and as a faculty member at Academy of Coaching and NLP.

Ben Edwards

Head of Community

Ben previously co-founded Refactr and SmartThings, as well as the largest barcamp-style conference in the US, MinneBar. He serves on the board of science and tech non-profit Minnestar, and the charitable organization Goodfolio. Ben is also a Great North Labs advisor.