pepr is AI-powered software that enables restaurateurs to increase profitability by providing a complete and unified picture of cost and budget data. It links with POS systems, supplier invoicing, inventory, and other in-restaurant data sources to give restauranteurs the transparency and control they need to make data-driven decisions using a simplified process.


Naga Karthik Gottipati


Karthik is a product inventor and restaurant entrepreneur with experience in building and managing two restaurants. He is currently pursuing an MBA at Chicago Booth with a concentration in entrepreneurship.

David Nelson


David is an an engineer with experience in operations, managing clients, and data processing. He is currently pursuing an MBA at Chicago Booth with concentrations in strategy and entrepreneurship.

Priyam Pradhan

Data Engine Manager

Priyam handles a wide variety of data engine responsibilities at Pepr. He has 10 years experience in backend technologies.

Anirudh Kasturi

UI Manager/Co-CTO

Anirudh has worked at Mcafee, Zynga, and other gaming startups prior to joining Pepr. He has extensive UI and design experience.