Investment Criteria

Exponential tech is what we invest in


Great North Labs invest in companies using breakthrough technologies in a variety of verticals, including: Consumer, Financial Services, Health, Transport/Warehousing, and Education/Workforce Development. We believe the best opportunities will leverage new technology, especially exponential technologies, to solve bold problems.




We invest in startups anywhere. Our headquarters are in the Upper Midwest, where we have significant network density. We are guided by opportunity, though, not geography.

Total Addressable Market of $1B

Market Potential

Our team has experience leading companies from domestic to global markets and we prefer those that have this potential. We are interested in startups solving bold problems and therefore must be convinced that your total addressable market (“TAM”) opportunity is in excess of $1B.

Quick path to revenue

Business Model

We look for evidence of strong product/market fit. We also require a quick path to market: first revenue within 12 months after investment, $100K per month by 24 months, $50M+ in annual revenue run rate and positive EBITDA by month 60.

What we offer startups

Early-Stage Investors

Great North Labs invests in pre-seed, seed and growth stage funding rounds for startups in MN, ND, SD, IA, IL, and WI. We syndicate co-investing opportunities to other venture capital firms and local angels, as well as later stage investors, to secure any necessary additional funds.

Insider Access

Founders gain insider access to a network of connections that help navigate the startup journey and find key contacts and partners along the growth path.

Business Guidance

Great North Labs offers training and development, providing business guidance and active support to portfolio companies. Learn from top experts how to overcome challenging obstacles and maximize the effectiveness of your startup organization.


The Great North Labs network is available to source and place key hires, so venture fund startups can move forward without sacrificing quality as they scale.