Three Tenets of Our Investment Thesis

The capital efficiency of the Midwest will continue to drive the highest multiple of VC investment returns in the decades to come.

The most attractive VC investment opportunities increasingly come from the least digitized industries. These require deep domain knowledge, more available in the Midwest.

Not all advice is created equal. By leveraging our network of active investors and successful tech founders, we provide guidance and connections that makes a real difference to the founders we back. 

Portfolio Allocation

Growth equity

investments will have demonstrated product/market fit over multiple revenue cycles. Typically these will be follow-on investments where we have already invested in the startup in a pre-seed/seed round.


startups need to demonstrate that they are at or near product/market fit, and show promise of 5x annual growth.


opportunities must show evidence of problem/solution fit to be considered for funding. Founding teams must have a record of past success, and experience of working together.

*All opportunities must have $1B+ potential, and defensibility at scale.

Recent Exits

We have a track record of success building, advising, and exiting companies serving a diverse set of industries. Here’s a few of our recent wins.