A school for founders, by founders.

Learn how to research, build and launch business ideas in a collaborative environment through practical, real-world projects. 

*We are currently hard at work rebooting our Startup School into a co-created partnership that will allow us to reach Greater Minnesota with Startup Entrepreneurship training and education.

For news, information on future workshops, or to get involved as a facilitator, register your interest in the upcoming Greater MN Startup School initiative.

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The Midwest needed a startup school. So we created one.

We have the engine to fuel Midwest talent with the expertise and insight required to build and launch tomorrow’s leading tech companies. Our carefully designed workshops are a collaborative environment where participants learn from others by working side-by-side and sharing real-world projects.

What We Offer

Research & Development

Learn the latest research and development skills in our flipped classroom format. You’ll receive practical advice from mentors with real-world experience and gain access to modern technology project and collaboration tools.

Technology Disruption

Discover the latest technology trends to apply to ideas and innovation and learn how their disrupting everyday life.


Connect with other innovators, entrepreneurs and the broader business community. The best education is learning from others and the networking you’ll receive through our collaborative course and events will last a lifetime.

Mentors & Coaches

Develop your personal brand and become a thought leader in technology and innovation.

Train a diverse set of current and future innovation professionals to enrich your network and build your brand in the local startup community.

Train & Coach

Why our school

Build Your Network

We reach small to large tech startups, non-profits, and higher education students with our training programs. By leading a workshop or becoming a local community facilitator, you’ll get to know this diverse set of existing and future product and innovation leaders.

Recognition & Exposure

Sharpen your leadership and innovation skills to increase recognition and exposure in your organization and community.

Training Programs

Startup School teach participants about design innovation and the Lean Startup process, and how to identify, develop, define, validate, finance and commercialize their ideas




Startup School Reboot- the new initiative

January 1 - January 1, 2021

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Startup School Reboot- the new initiative

We are hard at work rebooting our Startup School offering with new partners! This new and improved school has a larger scope, incorporates Great North Labs's curriculum alongside more training, and will be rolling out in 2020. Contact us if you are interested in future trainings and wish to be notified when they launch!

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Workshops run throughout the year and cover a variety of topics.